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Phone Numbers

Rabbit: 517-769-2856

Deer: (Washentaw County Only)

Deer: (Jackson County Only)



Opossum: 734-634-5771

Raccoon: (Washtenaw County Only)

Raccoon: (Livingston County Only)



Woodchuck: 734-645-3552 / 734-548-3129

734-560-4336 / 517-499-5747

734-751-6062 / 734-645-3552

State Law prohibits us from taking Skunks or Bats


Additional Resources:

Bird Center of Washtenaw: County 734-761-9640             Bird Center Washtenaw

Department of Natural Resources (DNR): 517-284-9453     Department of Natural Resources(DNR)

Huron Valley Humane Society: 734-662-5585                    Humane Society of Huron Valley(HSHV)

Howell Nature Center: 517-548-0249 (sorry, no raccoons)  Howell Nature Center

Friends of Wildlife (squirrels): 734-548-3127

Friends of Wildlife (raccoons): 734-548-3128

Friends of Wildlife (fox): 734-548-3132

Coyote Rehab (Holly): 248-672-9615

Bat Rehab: 248-645-3232

Outback Rehab Center (Keirstie): 734-777-1613 (sorry, no raccoons)

DNR-licensed wild animal rehabilitators


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